All of our work is completely custom and each piece is designed to fit a particular clients needs and preferences. So while we do start with a basic price structure there are lots of options and features that are priced individually to a specific job. We can help you decide what the best options for your trophies are based on your available space and pose preferences. 


Game Heads Price

Antelope $500.00

Black Bear (O.M.)$650.00

Black Bear (C.M.)$550.00

Black Bear 1/2 Life size (C.M.) per ft.$250.00

Boar, Wild (O.M.)$650.00

Boar, Wild (C.M.)$500.00

Bobcat or Lynx $350.00

Caribou $850.00

Coyote $350.00

Whitetail Deer $575.00  (Deer Season Special-$500.00)

Deer, Mule $500.00

Elk $850.00

Elk, Bugling $950.00

Fox, Red or Gray $350.00

Mountain Lion (O.M.)$480.00

Mountain Lion (C.M.)$450.00

Moose $950.00

**Please note: Add $125.00 charge to most Preserve hunt mounts due to size of typical animals**

Life-Sized Animals Price

Antelope $1,500.00

Black Bear (per ft.)$350.00

Boar, Wild (O.M.)$1,300.00

Boar, Wild (C.M.)$1,200.00

Bobcat, Lynx $550.00

Caribou $2,500.00

Coyote $600.00

Whitetail Deer $1,600.00

Deer, Mule $1,700.00

Elk $3,200.00

Elk, Bugling $3,200.00

Fisher $450.00

Fox, Red or Gray$ 460.00

Mountain Lion (O.M.)$ 1600.00

Mountain Lion (C.M.)$1,700.00

Moose$ 5,000.00

Raccoon $400.00

Squirrel $200.00

Woodchuck $325.00


Birds Price

Pheasant (flying)$275.00

Pheasant (standing)$250.00

Duck (flying)$275.00

Duck (standing)$250.00

Goose (flying)$400.00

Goose (standing)$350.00

Grouse (flying)$275.00

Grouse (standing)$250.00

Turkey (flying)$525.00

Turkey (standing)$500.00

Turkey (gobbling)$575.00

Turkey (strutting)$600.00

Turkey tail and beard $125.00

Turkey Breast Mount w/plaque $350.00

Fish Price

Freshwater (per in.) $15.00

*Minimum charge $250.00

Trout, Salmon (per in.)$15.50

*Minimum charge $250.00

Antler Plaques Price

Caribou $125.00

Elk $140.00

Moose $175.00

Whitetail Deer $110.00


European Mounts Price

Whitetail Deer $150.00

Black Bear $150.00

Rugs Price

Fox (O.M.)$500.00

Fox (C.M.)$425.00

Raccoon $ 450.00

Black Bear (O.M.) per ft.$140.00

Black Bear (C.M.) per ft.$130.00

Coyote (O.M.)$525.00

Coyote (C.M.)$500.00

Bobcat, Lynx (O.M.)$495.00

Bobcat, Lynx (C.M.)$450.00

Mountain Lion (O.M.)$600.00

Mountain Lion (C.M.)$575.00

Rugs include jaw set (if needed), padding, backing, and two color felt border.



Terms of Agreement

Prices subject to change without notice. No price includes base unless otherwise noted. A 50% deposit is required on all taxidermy orders upon receipt of your trophies. Full payment is due upon completion of work. 

  • All fish, small mammals, and flying birds are mounted on driftwood.

  • All other animal bases will be charged for, according to customer preference.

  • Custom habitat bases are also available at an additional charge.



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